Tribute Night Baseball Music for the  Charlotte O’s Baseball Team and Gm Frances Crockett

Talking about baseball, this game seems to be accepted in a men’s world.  It is not so much socially accepted as a sports for women but if ever it does, it is one of the hardcore sports that women played.

In Charlotte, North Carolina the Charlotte O’s baseball team is one of the toughest all-female baseball team.  Headed by their GM, Frances Crockett during the 70s and 80s.  

Yes indeed, it had been decades since Charlotte O’s baseball team had been in the sports arena. And we will relive those baseball days of the Charlotte O’s team.

Despite the several decades that passed, Frances Crockett still managed to maintain that contagious laugh of hers. Crockett still lives in Charlotte.

Crockett came from the prestigious Crockett family who promoted everything from basketball, wrestling, boxing, and baseball.

For Crockett, it was wrestling that brought money to all of them, but Crockett wanted to play baseball as this was the sports that she loves. Crockett finally made it big with her team.

Charlotte Knights will be throwing away a tribute for Crockett and other women baseball players who are part of the 1976 Charlotte O’s.

Women in power are women of sports.  These are women who know how to knock off a ball which is usually on the side of our male counterpart.

Her father Jim Crockett, the family patriarch would often take her into wrestling matches. Crockett would recall this thing in mind and pretty reminded her that a Japanese Wrestler taught her how to swim.

Crockett was one of the best baseball GMs who made it big in the baseball game with an all-female team. They won and give pride to their hometown Charlotte for quite some time.  Their team made baseball a very enticing game to play by women of Charlotte.

On a personal note, Crockett who remained a single-parent with all her five children by her side chooses not to remarry.  She was too busy with her life raising her 5 children and her second love, baseball.

For her, her baseball family was an added kid to her. It was like having 21 extra kids on your side, you treated them like family. Crockett as revealed by Jeff Schaefer, former Charlotte minor league tells that Crockett is a tough business who smoked 3 packs of menthol cigarettes a day.

She is definitely one sweet mom who could be tough on the outside. She wouldn’t mind yelling and firing people who displease her. She had her signature laugh before she knocked off that hammer in you.

Charlotte O’s would never be where they are now without the careful handling of Frances Crockett.

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