North Carolina Museum of History Holds Different Music and Events

There will be a series of events happening at the North Carolina Museum of History. Most of these events are free admissions.  Although North Carolina Museum of History showcases exhibits of the arts and crafts, it has also been used as the venues for some concerts and performances.

North Carolina Museum of History is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a part of the Division of State History Museum.

Frederick Augustus Olds is the father of the North Carolina Museum of History.  He began by collecting by collecting various items all over North Carolina in the late 19th century.

His collections were not just for the purpose of keeping mementos of the past, but he is actually correlating the pieces of each item collected to a part of North Carolina’s history.  He believes that we can make a good understanding of our present by knowing the history of our past.

He, later on, merged his present collections to the old ones and put it on display in a small room in a State Museum which is now known as the North Carolina Museum of History.

The present exhibit at the museum displays a glorious past which undeniably speaks of what North Carolina has become today.  Frederick Olds has made history very much a part of our today and future.

We all know that everything that happens today will be a part of our history tomorrow.  Every distinct detail and happening should be accounted for, for it determines what we will become in the future.

Museum and other important artifacts should really be given credits and importance because it gives us the clear links of who we are as a person.

North Carolina Museum of History has undergone different renovations, constructions, and even relocations. But with every change that it has experienced, it has become stronger and tougher with each day’s challenge.

But just as we say, the museum is not only confined with the displays and exhibits of artworks and historical pieces.  It also considers the molding of the mind of the young people through the use of good music.

So the Museum will be staging different concerts and events.  Starting on June 4, North Carolina Museum of History will open with the concert of the Black Ballerina with Debra Austin. It is a ballet-dance concert with Debra Austin, the first ever black African-American principal dancer of the Black Ballerina.

Simon Barth,wood-carver artist will be having his show on June 10. Watch Barth as he carves in wood with his bent-blade knife as he carves interlocking hearts, spoons and spatulas and other wood figures.

The Lang Sisters, on the other hand, will have to bring back the music of North Carolina as they played on the bluegrass and some folk and country music.

There are more concerts and events to come at North Carolina Museum of History.  Watch out for further announcements.

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