Matthew Whitaker, Special Guest Performer on the Blind Idol Semis

Our eyes are the window to our soul, that’s what most people say because the eyes cannot deceive what you are feeling inside.  

This may be true for people who have normal eyesight.  But what about those who have been deprived of their chance to see the colors and beauty of the world? Can we not see their soul?

Blind people lose their chance of seeing the beauty that surrounds them, but losing their eyesight will not hinder them to do and express what they really feel inside.

We may not see their soul through their eyes, but there are one and a thousand ways to express their souls and what they really feel inside.  Blind people become great artists in all fields.  They can express themselves through arts and music.  

The latter paved the way for a lot of blind artists who made it big in the music scene.  It’s either they become the finest musicians or becomes one of the finest singers in the world.

This is what happened to Matthew Whitaker, born in Hackensack, New Jersey.  Matthew is born blind.  At the age of 3, Matthew had also shown interest in music when his grandfather gave him his first Yamaha keyboard.

His skills progress at the age of 9 when he began practicing and beginning to teach himself with his Hammond B3 organ. Four years after that Matthew became the youngest endorser of Hammond.

He began his piano playing skills at the age of 15 when became recognized by different music award giving bodies. He is also among the youngest Yamaha artist at that time.  Matthew Whitaker becomes the youngest pianist joining the Stellar Jazz Pianist group.

That was the launched of Matthew Whitaker’s career as a musician.  He began traveling the world and performing in the different stages worldwide.

Known for his soulful renditions of his piano playing skills, his being a handicapped never hinder him from expressing his emotions to the music he is playing.

Blindness makes him more sensitive to his surroundings and more a depth with himself.  That’s the greatest advantage blind people have within them, they are more attuned with themselves than we normal visioned people are to ourselves.

That’s what makes them great and excel with their craft.  They just don’t see visually, but they can feel you, they can feel us and much more they can feel themselves.

Something big is coming up for our blind brothers and sisters out there.  Raleigh Rennaissance North Hills takes center stage as it holds the 2017 Blind Idols Semi-Finals.

With a very special guest for the night, Matthew Whitaker who has just released his new album “Outta the Box” which is hitting it to the top of charts in less time.

These are just proofs that blindness isn’t a handicapped to be despair about.  Blindness sometimes becomes the best avenue to showcase your hidden talent and become the world’s finest artists.

Let not blindness stop you from discovering the best in yourself. Instead, make it an inspiration to move forward and become the best version of yourself.

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