Kaleo Band Disowned by Its Roots but Making Waves Globally

Kaleo band, with its home roots from Iceland, started in the year 2012. Since then they were able to produce two albums which were sold over 175,000 copies worldwide.

Their band also made waves on National television.  They have appeared on different tv shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black and a lot more.

When Kaleo was just starting their career in Iceland, their first public appearance was at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. They first gained fame and popularity in their first single Vor i Vaglaskogi.

That hit single made it to the top 10 of Iceland’s Top Hits. The same song was used in the first episode in the series Trapped.

Definitely, Kaleo made a name of its own and it is claiming its share of popularity from the music industry. It cannot be denied that Kaleo Band is one of the hottest band in the world today.

However, it suffered controversies which every rock band has experienced. In the past, rock and roll have been associated with drugs and sex.  After a while, rock music has been thought to be a music garbage from people who don’t seem to appreciate rock music.

A comparison has been made between Kaleo and the Beatles.  Beatles are one of the proponents of rock and roll music, can we consider their music trash?

Of course not, if the music of the Beatles is trash, then what do we call good music?

It’s definitive that some people would criticize rock and roll music as trash music.  We all have different genres of music, hip-hop, ballad, pop and rock and roll is one of them.  Music caters to different people with different age brackets.  So if you are not in with one, its not trash, it is not just your kind of music.

Kaleo has been receiving all kinds of high-end criticisms.  It will be understandable to receive such from a foreign country who doesn’t seem to understand their culture and the kind of music they are playing.

What makes it surprising is that they received it from the country of origin, Iceland.  It’s really quite ironic to take all those bad criticisms from your own roots.  It is definitely hard to accept for Kaleo, who made it big around the world and being rejected by their own native land.

Iceland would tag Kaleo band as derivative, phony and boring. Well, it’s kinda sad that Iceland was not able to appreciate and be proud of Kaleo Band.

However, Kaleo just shrugged it off and relocated to Austin, Texas where their songs are much more appreciated and well-loved.  Now they are truly making a name and music to call their own.

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