Iron Maiden in PNC Music Pavilion with Ghost as their Front Act

Heavy Metal is a genre of rock music. This kind of music started in the 1960s in most of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Heavy Metal is a fusion between psychedelic rock and blues rock. It can be distinctively associated with thick massive sounds with lots of highly amplified distorted sounds. Extended guitar solos and just loud sounds are one of the characteristics of heavy metal sound.

One of the biggest names in Heavy Metal music is Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. It has been accepted that Heavy Metal music has been accepted and become part and parcel of our generation.

Iron Maiden and Ghost are one of the Heavy Metal Bands in the industry today.  Two of the most bankable heavy metal rock bands are performing live at the PNC Music Pavilion with over 18,000 audiences at Charlotte, North Carolina.

These big crowd of people will get to enjoy the music of the metal legends, Iron Maiden, and Ghost as their support acts.

The concert began with the Iron Maiden front act, Ghost who opened the show with their hit, “Square Hammer.”  The Ghost’s performance has warmed up the stage and started bringing the audience up to boost their stamina.

One thing great with a good front act is that you are able to rev up the audience energy and getting ready for the main event.  If you gonna associate it with a fiery lovemaking, Ghost’s acts were a great foreplay, it intensifies your being making you want to ask for more until the main event or the main act comes on.

Therefore, if you need to choose someone to play as your front act you have to make sure that they will be as intensifying like the Ghost.  Getting the audience ready for the main act.

With all their mysterious looking masks, Ghost made the audience feel a mind blowing persona with their dark appearance adding a more creepy feeling along with the stage design that rounded up the entire acts.

The crowd turned wilder and wilder as the Iron Maiden set foot on stage.  Their screams and cheers went wild and they can’t keep their feet off the ground.

With all the pyrotechnics and theatrics play, Iron Maiden just wowed the audience with their spectacular performance. Seeing the legends on stage performing like nothings change and no one has aged, Iron Maiden can keep up with the springing heavy metal bands in the industry today.

It was one successful evening bringing heavy metal music on stage with two of the best bands in the world today, Iron Maiden and Ghost.

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