Eric Church’s Concert Poster Making Waves on the Net

Kenneth Eric Church or simply Eric Church for many is born on May 3, 1977.  He is a known American -singer and music writer. A? native of  Granite Falls, North Carolina.

Eric showed a big interest in music during his early age.  At 13, he already began writing and composing songs. During his senior years in high school, he already started doing gigs in local bars which made him busy and occupied during those times.

He covered most of Jimmy Buffet’s song and some from his own song compositions. They continued on with their music and founded a band of their own together with his roommates, they called this band the “Mountain Boys.”

Their band played in most bars and restaurants in North Carolina. Eric was able to finish his studies with a degree in Marketing.  He then moved to Nashville where he got engaged with a Spanish teacher.

Eric Church’s would be father-in-law tried to persuade him in entering the corporate world but he just loved music so much that he denied the offer. With that apparent reason, his fiancee had called off the engagement and Church moved to Nashville through the financial backing of his father.

It is when he visited his old friend Chance Wilson that his songwriting ability went up again. Together they wrote a song “Before She Does” over some cold Busch Lights.

Their friendship and partnership have continued up to this moment while his father has supported his music career by providing him financially and find some opportunity to make some contracts.

Since then is music career has started to soar high.  He continued to make albums and singles which eventually became monster hits.

On January 8, 2008, Eric Church married Katherine Blasingame, a music publisher in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. They are blessed with two sons Boone and Tenessee.

The couple had founded the Chief Cares Fund which is a non-profit organization who has committed the less privileged family in North Carolina.

Church has been known as an advocate of cannabis.  It has reflected in most of his songs.  There was a time when his record producer urged him not to release the song about marijuana. The song ” Smoke a little Smoke” became a minor success despite the issue.

In line with Eric Church’s success, Jon Smith designed a concert poster which is tagged as Eric Church Raleigh Silkscreen Concert Poster.

Church will be wearing his signature aviator sunglasses. Church claimed that his music was influenced by some of the well-known rock musicians like Hank Williams Jr., Kris Kristofferson, and Metallica.

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