Don’t Give Up on Music… Music is the Thing That Heals All Wounds

Music is the thing that stirs up the soul. What words cannot express, music can say it all. Music, as we say, is the universal language that speaks up to your heart.

It is one language which understands the heart and connects it with the mind. Most music lovers and music enthusiasts believe to be people of deep emotions. They are ones who can greatly understand other people.

Whether one is in love, sad or hurt, there is nothing better than expressing your emotions with the language of music.  It seemed that music can capture the exact words and the right emotions that go with it.

The music, the lyrics and the rhythm all blend well. It really is a very magical moment to bring you in tears when you hear your love song playing. It even helps you to remember the very first person you fall in love with. Sometimes music can bring an instant smile, you suddenly sing along and you just felt better.

Music is therapeutic as well. Without music, our life will suffer miserably. We will be in a very boring state.  Our life is definitely filled with music.  Try this!  Think of one moment in your life that you feel so emotional, then try to think of a song that would seem to fit your emotional state for that time being.  

You will realize that there is always a music or a song appropriate for your emotions.  Yes, we mean it, there is always one song to fit you.

What happens recently in Paris after Ariana Grande’s concert should not be enough reason to stop loving music.  The shooting incident after the event brought trauma to a lot of people especially the ones who lost their loved ones in the event.

Music is not the culprit.  There are just some people who become so selfish by just thinking their own interest and not others.  It was accidental, nobody wants that to happen, not even Ariana Grande herself would wish that to happen.

It is not a reason to stop our like and love for music.  Maybe we should just be a little more cautious and careful when attending these events.  

Shooting incidents are getting rampant nowadays, police officers should be more cautious and extra vigilant especially when there big gatherings such as concert events.

People who attended the concert would simply want to enjoy good music and see Ariana Grande in person.  Someone who is an advocate of music would literally follow their icon wherever they go.

Music has a healing power, let’s make use of this great power of music to bring us together once more. Music will help us forget what happened during the incident, it will help us move forward with our lives.

A music less life is a lifeless life.  Life is not worth living without the colors of the world and the spirit of our being, music.

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