Celine Dion in Her Emotional Performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Billboard Music Awards is the honor given by Billboard, a publication, and music popularity charts which cover the music industry.

Compared to other award-giving bodies like the Grammys, Billboard Music Awards is not based on nominations and highest votes of the judges. Billboard Music Awards is based solely on the albums or artists total sales and no of airplay made by the popular songs.  It also includes the streaming progress and the social engagements and bookings made to the singers of the songs.

The Billboard Music Awards is considered one of the highly honored awards giving bodies because it recognizes artists and their songs who made it to the top of the charts.  One good thing about this award is that you know that the public is the one who chooses you over the other competitor in the award.

Once you make it to the top of the Billboard Chart, it only proves one thing, the world likes your music.  That alone is enough award for most singers and artists alike.  The top rating hits mean your songs are often played on the radio and many people are requesting for your songs.

The Billboard Music Awards is being held annually in May and aired live on the ABC.

This year’s top Billboard winner is Drake. The rapper brought home a total of 13 awards. Adele, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Arianna Grande, Nicki Minaj and a whole lot more.

But the biggest reveal in the Billboard Music Awards is Drake, who turned out to be the big winner of the night.

But what caught the eye of the spectators during the Billboard Music Awards was Celine Dion, who was so stunning in her sexy long fabulous white gown as she sings the theme song of the hit movie “Titanic,” My Heart Will Go On.

Celine Dion still has that passion in her singing voice or could it bring about plenty of emotions as she remembers and is still mourning over the loss of her beloved husband.

One could see how emotional Dion was when she sings the song during the awards night.  When asked about the presentation, Celine admitted that she was emotional at that time and was really trying to hold back the tears as she sang that iconic song from “Titanic.”

Well, we do not want to put it in the context that she is still in the mourning period after her husband’s passing.  But we could tell that Celine is getting emotional with that song, from the eyes of the spectators during that night, they strongly believe that Celine’s heart could not go on with her husband’s greatest memory.

But kudos to Celine Dion for giving her best performance which shut down the Billboard Music Award with her soulful and powerful rendition of My Heart Will Go On.

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