In 1998, we just bought a baby grand piano from a friend who was moving away and needed to move. We were shocked at how there were hardly any professional movers specifically trained in moving pianos. I’m not saying that these movers can’t move pianos, they can but will they really know the intricacies of a piano? The only reason why I knew was because my father was a professor of performance piano.

Our piano moving company started in Charlotte and we are quickly expanding across North Carolina. All of our movers are specifically trained by us in moving pianos and every new hire go with an expert piano movers (with over 10 years of experience) to teach the new young guys the rope. Obviously, piano moving is not a old man’s game but experience can be taught and transferred. Check out our locations page for our main local branches but we do serve all of North Carolina.

Whenever you call or email, you will always get a professional on the phone. We’re fully licensed and insured and our claims percentage is less than half of the industry average. There are absolutely no hidden fees and believe in transparency. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get your beautiful new piano into your home.